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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast
Littoral Zone #10 with Phil Rowley - Shoreline Strategies and Tactics with Landon Mayer

Today on the Littoral Zone, Phil Rowley sits down with Colorado-based fly fisher guide and author, Landon Mayer, to uncover his shoreline strategies and tactics for fly fishing lakes.

Phil and Landon dive into the challenges of accessing lakes and the rewards that come with mastering shore fishing techniques.

Tune in to discover the art of fly selection, understanding wind and weather patterns, and why sometimes, the biggest rewards lie just at the water’s edge.

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Episode Chapters with Landon Mayer on Shoreline Strategies and Tactics

shoreline strategies and tactics

Meet Landon Mayer

06:00 – Landon Mayer is a renowned fly fisher, guide, and author. He fell in love with fly fishing at a young age and started guiding right out of high school, eventually making it his career. He contributes regularly to magazines such as High Country Angler and Fly Fisherman Magazine.

Landon is also an accomplished author, having published six books on topics ranging from trophy trout fishing to fly tying. His first book, published at age 25, focused on trophy trout fishing.

Shoreline Strategies and Tactics

Other titles include “Sight Fishing for Trout,” “Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing,” and “101 Trout Tips.” One of his recent favorites is “Guide Flies,” which explores the art of fly design and sharing knowledge through fly patterns.

Stillwater Fishing from Shore

9:00- Many fly anglers face the challenge of accessing still waters without a watercraft. Landon emphasizes two approaches to stillwater fishing:

  • Starting from the bank, which is common for new anglers without access to a vessel.
  • Venturing into deeper water, but also exploring edge fishing and bay fishing with water depths of one to four feet, which Landon personally finds to be highly productive for sight fishing.
Shoreline Strategies and Tactics
Photo courtesy of Phil Rowley

Gear Essentials for Shore Fishing

11:18 – Phil and Landon discuss the gear needed for shore fishing stillwaters.

  • Landon recommends using 10 to 11-foot rods for better control over the fish, especially when dealing with larger catches.
  • He suggests using floating lines or intermediate sinking lines, and longer fluorocarbon leaders for optimal performance.
  • Additionally, Landon emphasizes the importance of durable chest waders and boots with good traction, as they will endure significant wear and tear from being constantly submerged in water.
Shoreline Strategies and Tactics

Choosing the Right Fly Lines for Shore Fishing

13:00 – Landon explains that mid or merger tips can be useful for achieving depth and control during retrieves. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the fishing zone, usually one to four feet deep, and recommends lines that sink at one to three inches per second.

15:27 – Landon typically uses fluorocarbon leaders ranging from three to five feet in length, tied directly to a micro swivel for freedom of motion and rotation. He also shares his preferred setups for fishing with indicators, including both traditional indicator setups and dry dropper rigs.

Shoreline Strategies and Tactics

Key Tactics for Shoreline Fishing

30:00 – Landon recommends focusing on three main elements when selecting fishing spots:

  1. Depth Control:  Identifying areas with changes in depth, such as drop-offs or shallow to deep transitions.
  2. Intercepting Points:  Targeting points of land or structures where fish are likely to swim around, providing closer access from shore.
  3. Structure: Pay attention to vegetation clumps, which serve as breeding grounds for insects and attract fish.

By considering these factors, anglers can effectively locate fish-rich areas from shore.

How Does Wind Affect Stillwater Fishing?

Landon looks for access points where the wind is blowing into or away from the bay, as this can trigger fish movement and increase water temperature.

Despite the challenges, Phil and Landon highlight the benefits of wind, including creating choppy water that attracts fish and providing opportunities for successful presentations.

Shoreline Strategies and Tactics

How Does Timing Affect Fishing Success?

For hatches-driven fisheries, such as those focusing on mayflies and damselflies, mornings to early afternoons are prime times.

On the other hand, for fisheries where fish feed on baitfish or crayfish, the first and last hours of the day are key, as these periods coincide with heightened feeding activity.

What are the Top Flies for Shoreline Fishing?

50:35 – Landon provides a list of his top favorite flies:

  • Leach
  • Hare’s Ear
  • Epoxy Back Callibaetis
  • Red Worm
  • Chubby Chernobyl
  • Egg Patterns
  • Scud Flies

Follow Landon on Instagram @landonmayerflyfishing

Visit his website at LandonMayerFlyFishing.com

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